A Wooden Wall Clock with a Handmade-Like Warmth and Texture

Leaf-Designed Wooden Wall Clock (Leaf) This wooden wall clock is an item that brings a natural warmth to your life. It has a handmade-like warmth and texture, making your own space something special.

The clock features a lovely leaf motif design. By combining three types of wood - beechwood, oakwood, and walnut - it exudes natural warmth and a sense of luxury.

You can use this wall clock in various places, such as bedrooms and living rooms. It uses Seiko's SKP sweep movement, a continuous second hand that doesn't make a ticking sound, supporting a comfortable and calm sleep.

This wooden wall clock can also serve as a piece of furniture. It matches well with natural interiors and wood-tone decor, adding a touch of elegance to your room.

With its handmade-like warmth and texture, this wooden wall clock can make your own space something special. We encourage you to add this wooden wall clock to your room and bring a natural warmth to your life.