Cute Leaf desing Wooden Wall Clock

Hello! Today, we would like to introduce a wooden wall clock that exudes a handmade warmth and texture. It is crafted with a combination of beachwood, oakwood, and walnut, featuring a cute leaf design that adds a natural warmth and a touch of luxury.

This wall clock can be used in various spaces such as bedrooms and living rooms. It utilizes the Seiko SKP sweep movement, which ensures a continuous second hand motion without the ticking sound, supporting a peaceful sleep environment.

Moreover, this wall clock also serves as a decorative piece of furniture. It perfectly complements natural or wood-themed interiors, adding a vibrant touch to your room.

This wooden wall clock, highly praised by our customers in Japan, offers a stylish design with a handmade warmth and texture. We invite you to give it a try and experience its unique charm.


wooden wall clock