Introducing Wooden Wall Clock " Forest "

This wall clock brings the ultimate beauty that will add a touch of luxury to your life. The rich color and beautiful grain of the walnut wood will elevate the sophistication of your room and indulge your senses. The clock face features a sharp design laser-engraved to enhance your personal style.

With the Seiko SKP continuous sweeping movement, you won't be disturbed by the sound of ticking hands. You can fully relax and enjoy your precious space.

This wall clock is not just a timepiece; it is your own piece of art that enriches your lifestyle. It allows you to express your preferences and sense of style in your room's decoration.

The coating is carefully applied to highlight the natural beauty of the wood, and the size is just perfect. With a diameter of 30cm, this wall clock is ideal for rooms ranging from 6 to 12 tatami mats. By hanging it on the wall, you can create a sense of spaciousness in your space.

Don't hesitate, grab it now, and let it bring wonderful changes to your life!

walnut wall clock