Modern wooden wall clock Meter

We have created this wall clock aiming for a simple and modern design infused with a Nordic-inspired style. The use of beechwood allows us to capture a natural texture and warmth.

When it comes to material selection, beechwood is a popular choice in Nordic furniture due to its durability and beauty. We also prioritized sustainable practices by carefully considering environmentally-friendly materials.

Moreover, by employing CNC cutting machines, we can ensure consistent quality and high precision in our products. This enables us to create unique designs that cannot be replicated by hand carving, resulting in one-of-a-kind wall clocks.

This wooden clock provides a stress-free environment with its quiet operation and offers long-term usage with high-quality materials and a reliable movement. The modern design and customizable hand colors add an attractive accent to your room's interior. For these reasons, we highly recommend this wall clock to you.

(モダンデザインの木製掛け時計 Meter )

modern wall clock