Natural Wood Desk Clock - Bit Clock

Enhance your room with the beautiful design of the Wooden Desk Clock - crafted from Maple Wood.

This desk clock is made from natural Maple Wood, which brings a bright and clear impression to your space, adding a sense of cleanliness and brightness. It features a silent movement from SEIKO, a renowned Japanese manufacturer, ensuring a quiet operation that won't disturb you, even when placed next to your bed.

The distinctive feature of this desk clock is the bright and gentle appearance of Maple Wood. It undergoes careful polishing to preserve the natural texture and achieve a high-quality finish.

Supporting the modern design is the CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machine, which allows precise cutting and shaping according to programmed specifications. This machine-made precision provides a unique beauty that sets it apart from hand-carved craftsmanship.

The Wooden Desk Clock - Bit Clock combines the natural warmth and elegance of Maple Wood with modern design and precise manufacturing. It serves as both a functional timepiece and an eye-catching decor piece for your room. Enjoy the exquisite beauty and quiet sophistication that this desk clock brings to your space.

(天然木の置き時計 ビットクロック)
natural wood desk clock