Round Wooden Wall Clock - An Inspiration-Filled Stylish Timepiece

Round Wooden Wall Clock - An Inspiration-Filled Stylish Timepiece

We have always been intrigued by interior designs featuring natural materials, and wood, in particular, has captured our attention. This led us to the idea of creating a stylish wooden wall clock that showcases the beauty of natural wood grain.

We began by selecting different types of wood, specifically beachwood, which is commonly used in Nordic furniture, oakwood, which evokes a sense of warmth, and walnut, a classic choice for high-end furniture. By incorporating these woods, we were able to achieve a perfect balance between a natural aesthetic and a luxurious appeal.

To ensure a quiet and comfortable user experience, we decided to utilize the Seiko SKP sweep movement.

During the process, we experimented with various combinations of wood grains and eventually discovered that stacking the three types of wood vertically created a beautiful gradient effect. We also paid close attention to achieving a balanced color scheme that maintained a natural ambiance while enhancing the overall sense of luxury.

The charm of this product lies in its exquisite wood texture and design. By combining the three types of wood, we were able to achieve a stunning representation of natural gradients, resulting in a sophisticated design. We highly recommend this product to those who have an interest in natural materials or are seeking a stylish addition to their interior decor.


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