SHADY, the wooden wall clock where modern design

It's an artfully designed clock that gives a modern and natural touch to your room - that's SHADY.

SHADY, made from popular natural beech wood, presents a bright and clear ambiance to your room, making it naturally vibrant. The beech wood, often seen in Nordic design, is employed here in a simple geometric design, giving a modern accent to the wooden wall clock.

Quiet Second Hand: SHADY uses a Seiko SKP continuous second hand sweep movement, which doesn't tick. So, even if you are sensitive to noise, you can use it in your bedroom.

Careful Coating: A careful coating has been applied to fully highlight the natural texture of the wood. The beauty of the wood continues for many years, and you can enjoy the changes over time.

The clock's design is carved into 12 equal parts, making it easy to understand the time. It is made by a computer-controlled cutting machine known as CNC, giving it a modern and artistic impression.

Natural Wood and Modern Art Fusion: SHADY combines the natural impression of wood with modern art in its design, making it stylish. It blends with any interior and adds an accent to the space. Incorporate a charming art-inspired design into your room and enrich your daily life.

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