Solid Wood Mosaic Round Wall Clock

Today, we have an elegant wooden wall clock to showcase. This clock features a beautiful gradient design with natural wood grain, created by combining three types of wood: beachwood, oakwood, and walnut. The use of these high-quality materials gives it a luxurious feel, making it suitable for various settings such as your home, office, or even a café.

With the Seiko SKP sweep movement, this clock operates silently, without any ticking sound, providing a quiet and comfortable experience. It's also lightweight and easy to mount on any wall, ensuring hassle-free installation.

If you have an interest in natural materials, this clock is perfect for you, as it incorporates beachwood, oakwood, and walnut. Its high design aesthetic, quiet operation, and easy installation are all appealing features. It's an ideal choice for creating a stylish and natural interior atmosphere. We invite you to bring home this charming clock and enhance your space with its allure.


wooden wall clock design