Stylish design Wall Clock " Forest "

The idea for this product came to us when we were captivated by the beauty of walnut wood. The texture, color, and grain of the wood fascinated us, inspiring the creation of a wooden wall clock.

The Forest Wall Clock is crafted using natural walnut wood, known for its exquisite grain and beautiful color. It not only serves as a functional timepiece but also adds a significant presence to your interior decor. With the Seiko SKP continuous sweeping movement, it operates silently and can be enjoyed in various settings.

The Forest Wall Clock will bring a sense of sophistication and beauty to your room, creating a rich and inviting atmosphere. It will embellish your precious moments and bring wonderful changes to your life. We invite you to express your own sense of style and sensitivity by choosing our wooden wall clock.

( おしゃれな掛け時計 Forest )

walnut wall clock