The Solid Wood Wall Clock, Forest

Introducing Forest, the wall clock that brings beauty and warmth to your space.

Our Forest wall clock, made from natural walnut wood, is known for its stunning grain and rich color. As one of the most luxurious types of wood, the beauty of walnut can be likened to a natural gemstone.

At first glance, this wall clock may seem to have a simple design. However, it features a sharp laser-engraved pattern on the clock face, ensuring that it not only functions as a timepiece but also serves as an eye-catching accent to your room. It utilizes the silent Seiko SKP sweep movement mechanism, so you don't need to worry about the ticking noise. This makes it suitable for various settings, including your living room and even your bedroom.

The clock is meticulously coated to highlight the natural texture and colors of the wood without compromising its durability. Its 30cm diameter makes it the perfect fit for rooms around 6 to 12 tatami mats in size.

Our Forest wall clock does more than just telling time - it brings a sense of beauty and warmth to your room. If you're captivated by the beauty of natural walnut wood and are eager to hold it in your hands, we highly recommend giving our Forest wall clock a try. We believe it will bring a wonderful transformation to your space.

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