Wall-Mounted Wooden Watch Cases

This wall-mounted wooden watch hook is designed to make the most of your space and add a high level of design appeal. By transforming a watch case into a wall-mounted version, it becomes a transformative item for your room's interior.

Using two types of wood, Beechwood and Walnut, creates a beautiful contrast, with each wood having its own unique color tone and grain pattern. This visually appealing design allows you to enjoy the aesthetics of both materials. Additionally, both materials are durable and long-lasting, gaining character and charm over time with use.

The wood is meticulously polished and protected to accentuate the natural wood grain. This results in a stunning finish where the wood grain stands out beautifully.

By adding this wall-mounted wooden watch hook to your space, your room will be transformed into a more delightful environment. We hope you can enjoy the warmth and natural beauty of wood while appreciating the enhanced interior of your room.

(壁掛けタイプ木製時計ケースのインスピレーションの源 )


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