Wooden Tissue Boxes that Enhance the Beauty of Nature

In our store, we are selling three stylish wooden tissue boxes. I would like to introduce each of these tissue boxes.

Elegant Walnut Wood Tissue Box Firstly, we have the walnut wood tissue box. Walnut wood is known for its beautiful color, intricate grain, and excellent durability. It has a calm atmosphere and a luxurious feel, making it perfect for chic room interiors.

Bright Beechwood Tissue Box Next, we have the beechwood tissue box. The beautiful natural and clear texture of beechwood is characterized by its bright color and the beauty of its grain. This tissue box allows you to feel the natural warmth, brightening and refreshing your room.

Three-Wood Mosaic Tissue Box Lastly, we have the mosaic tissue box, which combines walnut, beechwood, and oak wood. Oakwood is attractive for its natural impression and charming grain, giving a natural impression. With its simple design, it adds beauty that harmonizes with any room.

These three tissue boxes utilize the features of each material to create a beautiful contrast. They also fit the standard size of tissues sold in Japan.

At our store, we are always committed to delivering the highest quality products. These three tissue boxes are exceptional items that maximize the beauty of natural materials. For those who care about their room interiors and those who want to feel the charm of natural materials, we highly recommend these three tissue boxes.