Wooden watch display stand

Introducing our wall-mounted wooden clock case, a remarkable item known for its unexpectedness and beautiful design. It can be easily mounted on the wall, making it suitable for various settings such as bedrooms, living rooms, and offices.

Beautiful Contrast with Beechwood and Walnut

This product features the use of two types of wood: beechwood and walnut. The contrasting colors and unique wood grains of these materials will add a striking accent to your space. Both types of wood are durable and long-lasting, allowing you to enjoy their aging process.

Exquisite Polishing for a Beautiful Finish

Our skilled craftsmen meticulously hand-polish each piece, ensuring a beautiful finish without compromising the natural texture of the wood grain. The polishing process results in a smooth surface with a pleasant touch, providing comfort even during extended usage.

Easy Installation for Wall Mounting

Mounting the clock on the wall is a breeze with the included guide paper. Simply follow the instructions on the guide paper, and the installation will be completed quickly.

Ideal for Bedrooms and Living Rooms

The wall-mounted clock case is perfect for enhancing the interior of spaces like bedrooms and living rooms. By hanging it on the wall, the clock becomes more prominent, becoming a captivating accent to your room.

The wall-mounted wooden clock case utilizes beechwood and walnut to create a beautiful contrast. The exquisite polishing ensures a stunning finish, and the installation is effortless. It is a versatile item suitable for various settings, such as bedrooms and living rooms. Consider it as an interior piece that can transform the ambiance of your room.

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( 木製時計収納 - 壁掛けタイプでおしゃれなインテリアに )


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